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May 17, 2018

When I was a young boy I never thought I would someday become a Pastor or work in the ministry.  I have always liked things like investigation.  I wanted to be a detective.  When I was in high school I heard that I was too short to get on the police force so I gave up on the thought.


To be very honest I didn’t want to go into the ministry or become a Pastor.  I saw what my Dad went through over the years and I didn’t want to experience that type of hurt.  My Dad threw himself into whatever he did and gave it his all and sometimes people stuck a knife in his back. (Figure of speech)  I didn’t think I was strong enough to endue that type of abuse.  I tried to avoid it but there was a small still voice in my heart (figure of speech) that spoke to me and said, “I need you” and so I yielded my life to Him and He promised to bring me through the fires.


When I first surrendered to the ministry I came forward in church at the First Baptist Church of Round Lake, Illinois.  I thought my Dad would be proud that I was surrendering to the call of God.  I had been fighting with God about surrendering and finally I said yes to His call.  That day I came before the church and told my Dad I was surrendering to God’s call to the ministry, he said to me that is wonderful.  I thought he would tell the church about it but he didn’t say anything.  I left thinking that maybe I had gone about it wrong.  I never said anything again about it until I left Round Lake and moved to Glendale Height.


One day during the invitation I felt that strong need to make that decision public again.  I went forward in church and when I told Pastor Wilson why I was coming he announced it before the church.  Then he said to me, “You need to get prepared and in training”.  That was when I began searching a way to finish my Bible school training.  It took a while but finally I finished.


God moved me to Blue Island, Illinois where He was going to do some more training in my life.  I spent several years under the ministry of Dr. Jim Delashmit.  He took me to Pastor’s Fellowships and I began preaching in the Junior Church.  I continued working on my education and finally I finished.


I received a call from a church in Wisconsin to be their Pastor.  I was excited and thrilled that finally I was going to do what God had called me to do.  But there were many skeptics who said I wouldn’t last a year.


My Dad came and spoke at my ordination and that was a very proud moment for me.  That one year turned into over 16 years at my first church.  I knew other friends who went into the ministry that only lasted a year or two at their first and second churches.  To be honest I couldn’t have done it without the Lord.  He kept me humble and I knew I couldn’t do it without Him.


Well, I won’t bore you anymore but I just want to say, I didn’t go into the ministry because my Dad was a preacher.  He was a great example to me but I went into the ministry because God called me.  But the training my Dad gave me through my life helped me become the Pastor and preacher I became.  Dr. Delashmit also helped to mold me in the years leading up to my going to my first church.


Since my first Church I have been the senior Pastor of three churches, including my first one.  I was interim Pastor at two churches and I filled the pulpit at many more.  I preached at two churches my Dad had previously Pastored, Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois and Village Baptist Church in Lake Village, Indiana.


Now I am praising God for the wonderful time He gave me serving Him over those years.  Thanks be unto God for seeing me through them.





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