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Yesterday Didn’t Get Much Sleep

Some random person came knocking on our door at 3:00am and they parked their truck in front of our house. They came up on the porch at 5:30am and was doing something. I am not sure what they were doing as the camera didn’t show a very good picture. I didn’t answer the door because you never know who is out there that late in the morning. They finally drove off at 6;15am and left. From the camera view it was a girl with a backpack. I posted it on my Facebook if anyone knows who it might be.

i get people all the time who come to my door but with COVID-19 I am not going to answer it. I would have called the police but it was a girl so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. When they drove off I knew they didn’t run out of gas or broke down.

Please check my Facebook and let me know if you know who they are. They were driving a white pickup with a white cab cover over the back of the truck. I would call it a camper type cover but it isn’t use to camp in usually just to protect stuff in back of truck. Let me know if you have any ideals.

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