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Why Do People Do Stupid Stuff?

Here is a question that is hard to answer. If I had the answer I could solve a great number of problems. Just recently I have been dealing with a person who is acting plain stupid. I am not going to name the person at this time as I am hoping that before this post is printed they will have come to their senses.

Some people do stupid stuff because they are stupid. But not all people are stupid and some smart people do stupid stuff. Why? I wished I knew because I know they have more brains than that. Sometimes I think it is just because they are lazy and just let things go. Other times I think it is because they are trying to prove something.

God gives us all brains and how we use them will determine if we are stupid or smart. Smart people evaluate the situation and make the best decision. Stupid people just plain don’t care and so they let things go and it makes them look bad.

Here is an example: A smart person knows that by killing themselves they are only making matters worse. A stupid person doesn’t care.

So where are you on this issue?

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