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Where Was God When COVID-19 Hit?

God was right where He always is, on the throne? Why did God allow COVID-19 to kill so many people? COVID-19 is here because of sin. When God created the universe and put Adam & Eve in the garden it was a perfect world. Then sin came into the world and now we have evil. I am not sure if the virus was released on purpose or by accident but it was not the doing of God. God doesn’t interfere with the free will of man. Sometimes the evilness of man brings serious results. God doesn’t alway jump in when something like this happens.

God sometimes allows things to happen to test us. When this happens it falls on the good and the bad. Just like rain it rains on everyone. So when evil happens it effects the righteous and the unrighteous. It isn’t God’s fault what man brought upon the earth.

Sometimes we are quick to blame God or question why He did not stop it. God let not to blame it happen all because of sin. Man brought sin into the world when they disobeyed God in the garden.

Quit blaming God and start confessing your sins and start doing what is right. Give glory where glory is due.

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