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When You Need To Pray

I have been asked about this question more than once and I have decided to try and answer it for you this morning.

Pray is when we talk to God. The first think you need to do when you talk to God is confess your sins. If you have unconfessed sin you won’t get through. The Bible says in Psalm 66:18 “ If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:“. So if you want the Lord to hear you you need to not have unconfessed sin in your life. After you have done this you can pray at anytime. The most important time you need to pray is to make sure things are right between you and God. It is like having a cellphone without any signal. If you don’t have a signal you can’t make a connection. If you have sin in your life you can’t connect with God.

So be sure and have a clear connection and get any unconfessed sins right with God.

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