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When Is It Safe To Return To Work

Updated: May 4

This has become a real debate. The real reason it has been so hard is because people are not following guidelines for social distancing. This is the reason many do not want things to open up more quickly. If you idiots would do as you were asked things could open more quickly.

I have had to ask more than once for people to back away because they are not following the social distancing guidelines. Many people think that they can just go back to normal actions and all will be okay. This is not correct. If you will follow the guideline then people could go back to work sooner. People are asked to wear masks and many do not do it. They are putting others in danger. More than anything I want things to open up but I can got to the store because there are so many idiots who don't care about other people. People won’t go back shopping until these idiots start acting like they are supposed to act.

So when it is safe to return to work? When the idiots start following the guideline put down. Stay out of other people’s space and show a little respect. Quit having parties where you are not following the guidelines and quit doing stuff you are asked not to do.

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