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What’s Go On?

What is your life been like lately? Mine has been a bit boring. Get up at 4:40am take the dogs out and then feed and water them. Let them play for a hour and then put them back in their crates. Take my medicine and take a short nap. Then get Kelly up for work and make her lunch. Go downstairs and hold the birds and give them fresh water and feed them. Then go back upstairs and write a short blog. Then let the dogs outside for a run around the yards and bathroom break. Bring the dogs in and give the a drink and then let them play in living room for about two hours. Put the puppies down for a nap. While they nap I exercise and take my shower. Get the puppies up take them outside for a bathroom break and let them play in the yard. Bring them in give them water and the let them play in living room for an hour and a half. Take them out for a bathroom break and then feed and water them. Put them in their crates for a hour or so however long they need. Get the puppies up and take them out to play in yard for a bit then bring the in and let them play until Kelly gets home. Help make dinner and then eat supper. Watch a TV program then put puppies outside again for bathroom break. Put the puppies in their crate for bed. Take my medicine and get ready for bed. Go to bed and do the same thing tomorrow. Pretty boring right?

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My name is Rev. Sam Martin and I am a former Pastor of 34 years and I would like to invite you to join my blog.  Sign up in the box to the right or above if on a smart phone.



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