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What Is Your Greatest Feat?

What do you consider to be your greatest feat in life? Did you write a book, get on the six o’clock news, run for political office, lean to play a something other than the camper or radio, or something even better?

When I think about my greatest feat I have to really put on the thinking cap. Nothing I have ever done has been really great. I wrote a book about my life and saved it on my external hard drive. I had hopes of some day to give it to my kids but the hard drive locked up and I lost all the stuff on it. I tried to have a company get pictures or my book off the drive but it is gone. I fathered two children and one of them hates me (I won’t go into that) and other one turned out okay but I don’t get credit for that. I pastored three churches and pulpit supplied in dozens of others. I helped raise four step children and two grand children. Of course that isn’t a great feat.

So after looking at all I have done over these years I can’t say I had any great feats. I did accept Christ as my Savior as a young boy and for that I am glad.

i hope you might share yours as it will encourage me.

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