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What Is Your Favorite Subject to Talk About

What do you like talking about? Is there a subject that you feel comfortable talking to other people about more than any pother subject? Why is that?

I have found that the subjects I like to talk about don't really interest people. I have tried to bring up things in my conversations with people that might interest them but I have found that I must not communicate very good because they don't really want to listen. Dp you ever find that to be so in your life?

What do you do to communicate better? Can you think of something besides politics that people want to talk about?

I think about the news channels and they get on a one sting guitar and they play it until people are sick of it and then they play it until the string breaks. If you think about it the news channels repeat the same news over. When they find a big story they beat it until everyone is so sick of it threy turn them off. So why to people keep listening to them? If it they have a new twist to and old dead story? As far as I am concerned many of the stories they run they run them because they don't have any real news.

Sure would like to hear your thoughts.

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