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What Is A Friend?

Today I was thinking about friends and I wanted to write a few comments about friends. If you want to share your thoughts about friends I would love to hear what you think.

A true friend will be there for you when you are going through a very difficult time. I have had to go through so difficult times and I have had some friends who were there for me. I will try and share some of these with you.

My memory isn’t the best so I am only going back to my college years. Back when I went to Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music I had two friends who stand out. Brenda Sue Wilkerson who was my pen pal who wrote me regularly and encouraged me during those tough years. No matter what she always had something encouraging to say during those tough times.

Also Gary Horrocks was a great friend during my college days at GRSBM. He help me get my first driver’s license and was a real encouragement to me while I was at school in Michigan. He was a good friend.

During my years at Faith Baptist Dr. Jim Delashmit was a great friend to me. He encouraged me to reach out and shoot for the stars concerning the ministry. He was a great inspiration to me.

Dr. Bill Stedman and Pastor Bob Parnell were great friends to me while I was at Faith Baptist and beyond. They helped me through so rough waters and encouraged me during some very dark days.

When I was at Baraboo I had some wonderful friends. Clyde Marta was a great friend to me when I was going through a very bad situation. I will never forget the prayer Clyde prayed for me during one of my deeps lows when I was there.

When I came to the St Louis area Connie Andersen was a great friend. Kelly & her were very good friends and she became a good friend of mine.

When I was at Pleasant View John & Debbie O’Dell were very good friends both Kelly and myself. I can tell you how many times they were a blessing to me over and over. Dave & Maggie Barker were also good friends to us.

Do you have any good friends you can name?

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