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What Does Real Friendship Look Like?

Most people think real friendship is someone who you like being around and you both have many things you both enjoy. That is not true friendship. A true friend is the person who tells you the hard truth. When you are in desperate need a true friend is there. When you are going through tough times a true friend is there.

Many people claim to have many friends but when things get tough many of them are not there to go with you through the trial. How many times have you needed a friend and when you called them and they told you they had something more important going on to call someone else. Maybe you got real sick and they disappeared for a week or so.

Jesus walks with us through the fires of life and we can call on Him at any time. The Holy Spirit will comfort us during difficult times. The Bible tells us that God won’t give us any temptation that He will not provide a way of escape.

If you don’t have Jesus as a friend you are missing out on the very best friend you could ever have. Trust Him He will never let you down.

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