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What Caused King David To Sin

Many think that King David‘s sin was because he planned ahead to commit the sin of adultery. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. David had no thought of committing adultery until he committed another sin first. It was the sin of not being where he was suppose to be. It was the time when King David was suppose to go to battle and he chose not to go. His sin was not doing what he knew was the right thing to do in going to battle.

Some say it was laziness but when he didn’t do as was usually the custom he got bored. He them when on the housetop and while doing so saw a woman taking a bath. He was in the wrong place and then his lustful desires took over. He had his servants to bring the woman 1st he saw bathing to him and he commited adultery. Later when the woman found out she was with child and she told David he decided to try and cover his sin.

He brought her husband home from the battle so he could be with his wife and David thougtb this would cover his sin. But when he husband came home he wouldn’t go unto his wife because of his loyalty to David. He wouldn’t go and lay with his wife while the others soldier's were in the battlefield. So David took matters into his own hands and sent him back to the battlefield with instruction to go into the heat of the battle and then withdraw leaving him so he would be killed.

This only made matters worse. He took her to be his wife and the child died and David had to face his sin. Nathan the prophet of God exposed his sin. God will always expose your sin so beware.

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