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What Are You Doing?

Many of you are reading everything you can on how the virus is effecting your world. Every day you listen to the updates and they tell you how many new people have been tested and how many of them now have the virus. They also tell you how many have died and sometimes the number of those who have survived. If you want my take on this I think you are wasting your time listening to the updates. I am not saying that they don’t give you accurate information but all they will do is depress you and discourage you.

I would like to encourage you to try and encourage people instead of depressing them with the facts of how many died or how many new people caught the virus. God is in control and when we start listening to Him and talking to Him maybe He will stop this virus. God is wanting our attention and we are not listening.

What has happened is God has shutdown just about everything possible. He has allowed a few things to remain open so that we might survive. Mark my words God could shut them down too if we don’t turn our eyes upon Him. Some have said why would God shut down the churches, the economy, the schools, and on and on. He shut down things to get our attention.

It is time to seek His face and ask Him for His help. It is time we bring Him back into our homes, churches, schools, government and so on. It is time we realize that we cannot function without Him.

I would like to ask you to do two things. Number one stop and pray for the healing of our country. After 9-11 our country unified together and we were a better nation. We have forgot about that and went back to our old ways. Now God is using this virus to bring us to our knees and unify us again. Let’s do it before it is too late.

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