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We Need To Not Get In A Rush

Some want to opening everything back up but we need to not get in a rush. We have many plain stupid people who don't have a lick of sense. They feel sick yet they still go out and they expose other people. If people can’t use common sense it is going to start this back up again.

Thing can open again but if people who shouldn’t go out do. I know they are eager to get back to work but they need to make sure they are not sick before going back to work. Otherwise they are going to expose more people and this will start all over again.

I am not sure why people have to act like idiots. They go to the pet store coughing their head of to get a bag of dog food. I am all for our dogs getting feed but don’t go exposing more people. There are dozens of services that will deliver it to your door.

Please exercise so common sense. Don’t be one of the idiots that is so concerning about their own situation that they don't exercise good judgment.

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