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Touching Base With Old Friends

The other day I had a former member from Baraboo call me. We talked for about an hour on the phone and got caught up a little. It had been over 20+ years since I had talked to him.    His three children were very young when he was in Baraboo and now they are grown and married and out on their own.

It is always nice to touch base with old friends. During this time of COVID-19 there is more time to do this since you can’t socialize much otherwise except the internet and the phone.  Sometimes you wonder where people have gone and what they are doing.

This former member of Baraboo just Googled me and found my Blog. This has happen a few times since I have been writing this Blog. He now lives in another state and is doing well. This is always good to hear. I have prayed for him and his family over the years so it was nice to get a little update.

If you are out there reading this Blog and we know each other and we haven’t touch base feel free to write me.

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