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The Second Chance

So what is your opinion about the second chance? I am in favor for giving people a second chance if they show signs they they are truly sorry for what they did. I am not in favor of giving third and fourth chances. Usually if they don't that the second chance seriously they won't take others seriously either.

If someone has been given a second chance they should be told that they will not get another chance so if they screw it up they have no more chances so they should make their one second chance count. When you give extended second chances you can bet that they will just repeat the same stuff over and over.

I read a story on the internet about a Pastor who owned a restaurant and some boys were vandalizing so property and he gave them a second chance and a job to help them see the importance of earning some money and paying your way. He talked to them and told them that this was a one time thing and they were not going to have another chance so they needed to make this one good. From what I read they made good on that opportunity and became better kids and learned from that experience.

I know I was given a second chance and I used it to learn a very valuable lesson. I am a better person today because I was given a second chance,

So what do you think? Are second chances a good thing. Please make a comment and let me know what you think.

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