• Rev. Sam Martin

The Rioting & Looting Doesn’t Get Justice For George Floyd

All the rioting and looting will never get justice for George Floyd. What the rioting and looting is about is anarchy. Criminals that want to commit crimes without going to prison. The mayors and governor are playing softball with them. Put them in jail over night and then let them go. Then they go to the next town and loot some more.

For those thinking this brings justice you are a total idiot. It only brings more division in our country. The world laughs at us when they see this silly stuff. They can see what is going on and it makes us look bad.

Even the family Of George Floyd are calling for all this looting and rioting to stop. They can see what it is doing to our country. People are attacking innocent people and destroying their business in the name of justice. The are hurt and in one case killed someone in the name of justice. That isn’t justice it makes them just as bad as the officer who killed George Floyd.

We must all call for the rioting and looting to stop. Let the courts punish the guilty parties and let justice prevail.

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