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Staying Home Isn’t As Easy As You Thought

Some folks thought staying home for a few days would be a breeze. I guess you found out differently when in a couple of hours you went out and took a ride around the block or went for a short drive. Just to let you know it is okay to do that but you need to keep away from contact with other people as much as possible. This is the time for chats and phone conversation. I know you are hungry for conversations face to face but now is not the time for it.

The extent of my going out is limited to taking the dogs out in the backyard. Today the brisk air outside felt good on my face and I thanked God for another day to be able to live. It is always good to take a few minutes and thank God for His goodness and greatness.

As I ate breakfast I thanked God that I still had food to eat and that He has been providing during this very tough time. God is good, God is great.

Keep a smile on your face because God will see us through this difficult time. Keep your eyes on God and remember that He is in control of or destiny.

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