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Something Unbelievable

I was reading a post on Facebook the other day that was posted by someone I love very much. I read it very carefully and then said to myself “They can’t be that stupid to fall for that.” What happened that they don’t have enough common sense to think for themselves? Then it came to me they are just posting someone else’s post and they haven’t read them closely to know that it doesn’t make sense. Why else would they post that on their page?

Before you post something stupid you need to read it very closely and make sure it makes sense. I know several times I have almost liked or reposted a page and didn’t read it very carefully. One time I had to go back and delete my post when I read it and it didn’t make a lick of sense.

You probably would like me to tell you who it is. Well, I am not going to embarrass them. I am sure if the happen to go back and reread it they will delete because I know they have more sense than that. Sometimes we have some idiot friends who post stupid stuff and we think it is okay to like or forward without reading. It only makes us look stupid and ignorant.

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