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So You Think You Are Right?

Everyone thinks they are right these days. They think that what ever they are doing is essential. I understand because whatever we want to do is important to us but we need to really use some common sense.

I was reading about Parent's needing crafts for the kids as essential. I also read others feeling their needs were essential too. The problem is that everyone feels their needs are essential and so everyone is running about. I have only been out for prescriptions and food for the last three weeks. I had not face to face contact with anyone.

What many don’t understand is just because you are healthy and strong doesn’t mean when you go you are not spreading the germs. You carry the germs and affect those who are weaker by running around when it is not totally necessary. You need to try staying at home and quit running around.

You may be okay but you are affecting others who are not as healthy. Can’t you think about anyone except yourself? I don’t want to be doing this until Christmas but that is what is going to happen if you don’t start staying home. Quit being selfish and self centered.

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