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I heard the other day that there is this thing called snoozing. If someone has political views you don’t want to hear you just snooze them and you won’t get their political post.

So I guess if you snooze someone that means your views are the only right ones and nobody else has a right to an opinion. If you snooze someone then you are weak in what you believe. You are afraid they might convince you to their side. If you aren’t strong enough in your views that you have to snooze someone because you are afraid they will convince you that you are wrong then you are weak in your views. Some are saying they are snoozing people because they post too much. Well, you post too much about your stuff but u don’t snooze you. I want to hear your opinion. I may learn something useful and if I snooze you I will lose out.

Think about it before you snooze someone.

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