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Several Things Your Pastor Needs

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

There are several things your Pastor needs from you if he is to be successful. The number one thing he needs from you is your Prayers. If all the church people prayed for their Pastor for five minutes a day there is no telling what could happen in his ministry.

Another thing that is very important is to remember he is human and makes mistakes and needs your love and forgiveness. Be slow to judge him and be an encourager when he stumbles. Be quick to forgive when he asks for your forgiveness.

Remember that he has a family and needs to have rime to spend with them. Don’t expect him to spend every waking hour serving the church. Make sure he has a day off and don’t bother him unless it is a real emergency.

Pay him a decent wage as he has bills and a family to take care of. Don’t expect him to live on peanuts. Make sure he and his family is well taken care of. When the church takes care of the man of God they will see the blessings of God.

Remember the Pastor and his family on holidays and birthdays. Don’t forget his anniversary. When possible make sure that he and his family have time during holiday to be with his extended family.

Remember that the Pastor needs fellowship so invite him over to your house when possible for fellowship. Make sure he has plenty of time to fellowship with other Pastors and finances to attended conferences as he desires.

If you do these things you will find a happier Pastor who can better do the job that God called him to do. You will also see Gods blessing on your church.

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