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Precious Are You To God

Did you know that you are precious to God? If you are a child of God you are precious to Him. Those who don’t know Christ He wants you to come accept Him as your Savior. Then you will also be precious.

In our live time we probably have had many people who are precious to us. Some of these people we have loved so dearly have gone on to Heaven. It will be a grand reunion in Heaven one day. I have some bad news for you if you are not a child of God. When your loved ones in Heave wait for your arrival and you don’t show up after you die, God will remove the memory of you from them. How do I know this? We are told there are no tears in Heaven. No sorrow or pain and if you are not a child of God there will be no memory of you.

Think about this for awhile. Those whom held you as precious will not have a memory of you in Heaven if you don’t accept Christ as your Savior. How very sad this would be. Trust Christ before it is too late.

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