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Please Realize God Is Still In Control

I am not an idiot but I do know God is still in control. Just because we follow the directions of professionals does not mean we are saying God is not in control because He is in control. God uses people to accomplish His work. Sometimes God allows them to share their knowledge to be a help to us. Please note that many of these professional have a better knowledge than you or anyone you know and they can be a help. Are they smarter than God? NO

They are not smarter than God but God sometimes allows them to use their wisdom to be a help to us. I think it is time that we use a little common sense when doing things. The Pastor who held church and violated the ban of social distancing just acted out of plain ignorance and will have to give an account for his actions.

The one thing that will help us is for us to gather our families and pray for God’s power and protection.

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