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People Are Crazy

Some people are crazy are you one of the crazy ones? People are going nuts and we just need to be one our toes. Don’t over react and use common sense. Most of the problems today are because people don’t use common sense. It makes sense to wash your hands after using the bathroom and it ought to make sense that if you touch something that is dirty that you wash your hands. It makes sense that if you don’t cover your mouth when coughing you will spread germs so cover your mouth when you cough.

A very large amount of safety to combat the viruses that are going around is common sense. The big problem is a large amount of people don’t have any. I don’t think it is because they are stupid, I think is is because they are lazy. Take a moment and think things through before acting.

When you use common sense you also are protecting those around you too. Don’t be selfish and self-centered think about other not just yourself.

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