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Living The Talk

We live in a world where people don't live the talk. We have people ranting about saving the planet yet they jet around in jets and drive big SUV’s. They just can’t live the talk. My question is, do they really believe what they are saying or not?

Preachers have been criticized for not living what they preach. Why is it that so many are not living the talk? I think many of them have the thinking that you should do as I say not as I do. Well to be very frank with you people are not buying that stuff. If you can’t live the talk then don’t expect others to live it either. We should never expect others to follow us if we can’t live by the things we say.

Remember this next time when you hear someone talk about global warming and then they drive a big SUV and fly around in a big jet. Remember this when someone tells you we should share our wealth but they own three mansions around the U.S. and they don’t share their wealth.

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