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I Am Praying For A Victory

We all want to experience some victory in our lives. Many want to be successful and others want to experience great wealth. Most who seek wealth are looking to get it without much effort. That usual doesn’t happen unless you happen to have a rich relative. I sure don’t have any of those and if I did they wouldn’t be giving me anything of value.

I would just be happy to be able to pay off my bills and live my last days serving God and helping others. I have found that you can get more enjoyment from giving than you can receiving. The problem comes when you don’t have to give it makes it hard to give.

Just want to mention that a pastor friend of mind went home to glory this week. I found out and I really don’t know the details as I don’t know what happened. Joe Fletcher and I did a lot together the last few years I was still a Pastor. It seemed after I retired that most Pastor’s I knew stopped calling me. I am not sure why but after I retired I quit hearing from many of them including Pastor Joe. Please say a prayer for his family.

Well, I am going to stop for now and I do hope you will keep in touch, I appreciate those of you who have stayed in touch with me.

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