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Duct Tape

I want to take a survey to find out the interesting things you might have used duct tape for. The other day I saw a car that had the bumper duct taped to the car. It looked like they used four or five rolls. Not sure if it was a good ideal but it was holding the bumper on.

The worse application duct tape was used on was a man duct taped his dogs mouth shut. It is my understanding that local authorities charged him with animal abuse.

i am hoping you might suggest some better uses that to tape grand kids mouth shut. Back in the day when I couldn’t afford to fix the car seat I would duct tape the seat where it was cracking. It helped the seat to last a bit longer.

i used duct tape to fix the dog leash where they chewed the the thingy that hooks to their collar. It has held up for several years now.

So what good stuff have you used duct tape for. I want to hear from you. You have several options, write on bottom of my Facebook page, use the comment section on the bottom of this post, and/or write me at Looking forward to your comments.

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