• Rev. Sam Martin

Do You Trust Too Much?

You probably wonder what I mean by that. What I mean is do you trust people without question? I think some people are too trusting of of other people who really haven’t earned their trust.

I will share an example: I knew a guy who had someone he trusted. He called him a friend and yet this so call friend took advantage of him. Several times he caught him taking advantage of him yet he still trusted him. Then his friend or I should say so called friend got him in a real bind and left him to take all the blame. So really he trusted him before he had earned his trust.

We need to be careful that those we trust have earned our trust before we start putting our life in their hands. In our situation today it makes it more of an issue that ever before.

You can trust in Jesus but that doesn’t mean that everyone you meet is trustworthy. Make them earn your trust before you put too much into their hands.

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