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Do You Have A Death Wish?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I don’t know about where you live but some folks around here must have some type of death wish. You probably want to know why I think this. They are not practicing social distancing. When I get out which is very rarely just to pick up my medication from the drive up. I haven’t talked with anyone out side my family except on the phone. But when I do go get my medicines refilled I see lots of people out socializing with friends. I see people in large group in their from yards and some grilling in their backyard with large groups. One such incident looked like a block party. Cars were up and down the side of the street.

What planet are these people from? Haven’t they got the memo yet? Do they have a death wish?

The last time the UPS man was here I told him to back up and he thought I was nuts. I told him to not come closer than six feet and to put my package down and ring the door bell and I would get them after he has gone back to his truck.

If you think you can get the virus them you are not from this planet or you have a death wish. When are you going to get your act together?

Sorry for the rant but people need to respect other people’s space when it comes to social distancing. They may want to die but there are other people who have health issues and need their space.

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