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COVID-19 Isn’t Over Folks

Some of you think COVID-19 is over because some of the stores opened. No it isn’t over you need to still take steps to be safe. Quit putting your head in the sand and acting like a total idiot.

Yesterday we went to get a couple of bags of sand for our pool filter and it looked like the entire city had turned out for the Fourth of July celebration. There were more people in the parking lot than what they get at a rock concert. I didn’t see the inside of the store as I was waiting in the car.

I would have to say that over 50% of the people did not have masks on. What is going on have you lost your head? Lowe’s probably sold more lawn & garden supplies than Georgia sells peanuts. Please pull yourself together and start acting like you have a brain.

Just because the governor is letting his wife run wild doesn’t mean the whole state is COVID-19 free. The governor is doing a do as I say not as I do routine. Don’t follow his example he has lost his head too.

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