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Causes For Failure

Have you ever wondered what causes you to fail? If you don't try you will fail but sometimes it takes more than once to be successful. Sometimes we have to dust off our pride and try again.

When I first got my scooter I fell a few times and more than anything it hurt my pride. But I got up and tried again until I was successful. Once I had a very bad fall and I almost gave up but I got back on it, (I had to get home first before I quit), and when I got back on it and rode home it was the trick to being successful.

You have to decide if you want to fail or be successful. The biggest cause of failure is never trying. The first time I rode a horse I fell several times. If I gave up I would have never enjoyed the wonder experience of horseback riding.

God has given us the ability to be successful but you must put forth the effort. Success isn't going to be easy you are going to have to work hard at it.

I remember some of my first sermons I preached. I thought if God wanted me to preach He would fill my mouth. Well He did but I had to study and prepare so I could say what He wanted me to say. God has never failed me and He won't fail you either but you have to make an effort. My first few sermons didn't go really smooth. So I worked harder at preparing myself so when God wanted to use me I would be ready.

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