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Are You Still Hoping Things Will Go Back To Normal?

I wonder how many are hoping that things go back to normal. If you were to judge by the way people are acting you would assume we are back to normal. I went over to Abby’s the other day and stopped at the gas station on the way. People including a police officer went in store without a mask. I would have to say that over 90% of those who went inside the store did not have a mask on. That means out of every ten who when it the store only one had a mask on.

People are going about like nothing ever happened. We are back to mowing lawns, having cook-outs, people are ignoring social distancing, and doing whatever suits their fancy. I wonder what this means for the rest of us.

People are still getting the COVID-19 virus and some are still dying but everyone is back to normal, until it hits them.

What are you doing? What is your response?

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