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Anarchy Isn’t Protesting

What is going down around our country is not protesting it is anarchy. People who destroy property and loot are just plain criminals and need to be jailed. If you are going to protest you ought to do it without violence. When you begin to destroy property and loot and riot you are not protesting you are in need of a jail cell.

The man who was killed is not being protested they are just using it as an excuse to loot and riot. Nobody needs to bail them out they need to remain in jail and go to prison like all other criminals. When they are thrown in jail over night and then let go they got just what they wanted, attention. They don’t need attention because what they are doing does not bring any closure to what happened. The courts have to decide that and the more they loot and riot will only make things worse and not solve the problem.

I am 100% against what happen to this man and the police who killed him should be punished but looting and rioting it not the solution. Let the courts resolve it and punish the proper people. I repeat rioting and looting will do nothing to solve the issue.

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