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Those initials stand for What Would Jesus Do and I want to ask you the question. What would Jesus do if He we’re here today? Would He join the riots and tear up the town? Would He follow the rules of social distancing? Would He ask you to do something that He knows is wrong? I think if Jesus were here today He would show us that obedience is better than sacrifice. The problem we are seeing today with all this violence isn’t about this man that was killed by the police officer. It us about having an excuse to commit violence and crime. I just read today that most of those arrested were from out of town. So what happened was some people came and rioted and looted not because what happened but just to commit crimes that they think they will get away with because they are using the excuse they are upset about what happened. They aren’t upset about what happened they just want an excuse to riot and loot.

Think about it WWJD and quit acting like a total idiot. Rioting when so far as to bust up peoples property and hurt people who never were involved in the action. Think about it and then you will realize what is going on.

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