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54th Street

We had an experience we haven’t had before. We went to 54th Street to eat and Kelly called to get on the wait list. When we got there they told us they were getting a table ready for us. About ten minutes later they call our name and we go up to the hostess and she says Do you mind sitting at a high top table? Because we had the grandkids with us she told them no because it would be a mess trying to keep them seated. She says ok and we thought she was going to get us another table.

Instead she seats a family of five with two children about the same age as our grandkids that came in about five minutes after we did. She didn’t ask them if they would sit at a high top and she took them to a table. The she seated another family that came after we got there. Well this was too much so Kelly went to a manger and complained. Later we found out that because we didn’t take the high top they moved us to the end of the line. As far as we were concerned this was not right. We complained and finally were seated.

What we experienced next was even worse. We got the worse service we have ever gotten at a 54th Street. I was wondering if anyone has ever experience anything like this when they were eating out? Thank for you input.

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