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WWJD What Would Jesus Do?

When we are making decisions I think it would be very important to ask ourselves, "What Would Jesus Do"? If we asked our-self this question before we made a decision it might help us make a better choice in what we do.

Making decisions are hard enough but we need someone who sets a great example to follow and Jesus is the perfect example. If Jesus wouldn't do what you are about to do then maybe you ought to reconsider the choice you are about to make. Try it and see how it works. I can promise if you truly follow through your choices with be better.

Ask yourself before you spread gossip if that is what Jesus would do. Then when you say no then chose to not spread the gossip. When deciding where to go or not go ask yourself would Jesus go there? If He wouldn't then don't go.

The decisions we make are important so make sure you are making the right choices. Ask yourself, "What Would Jesus Do?"

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