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Did You Hear This Story?

A church I will not name has ask all the older couples and people in the church to leave. They are going to restart the church with younger couples and they said the older folks could come back in a couple of years when the church has got reestablished.

I was wondering how many of you read this story and what do you think? Do you think it is the right thing asking all the older folks to go somewhere else until they reestablish the new church?

I understand that the churches are dying because we have a lack of young folks but I can’t see telling the older folks they have to go worship somewhere else. Ever church needs the wisdom that the older folks can bring to the church.

My guess as to why they are doing this is because it is usually the older folks that are resistant to change. They are wanting to bring in young couples with children and they are going to need to make major changes. My suggestion is that you explain to the older folks the changes that are being made and if they don’t want to work with you you can allow them to go elsewhere. If they are willing to work with you with the new changes welcome them into the fold.

I would like to hear what my readers think about this church that is restarting and asking the older generation to go to another church. Let me hear what you think. You can write me at, on my Facebook page, or my website. I would love to hear you input.

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