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Can I get Your Input?

I just read a story on the internet about a Pastor who was trying to preach the message God gave him but a crying baby began to disturb the service. It got so bad people couldn’t hear and the Pastor was having trouble keeping his thoughts straight. He politely ask the mother to take the child to the nursery.

I don’t know what you think but I have been in this place and it isn’t a good situation. I know how much I put into preparing a message and if I am unable to preach my message without disturbance it is a total disgrace.

Many criticized the Pastor because they felt he was chasing the children off but this child was not getting anything from the message and neither was the mother. The people around her her not getting anything either. This church had a quality nursery that could have helped this mother if she has taken the child there.

I know that I have put up with the crying child when I knew we didn’t have a nursery on that Sunday. But the message was a wash because nobody really got much from it. The very same people who complain would be upset if a gospel group was singing and a crying child was disturbing the singing. Isn’t the preaching just as important?

I would love to hear what you think.  Please message me on Facebook, my website, or e-mail me at I would love to hear what you think?

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