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How Do You Celebrate Valentines Day?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

So how do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you take your sweetheart out for dinner or do you have a different type of date? Not wanting details about after lights are off just wanting to know do you buy flowers or candy or do you go out for dinner? What do you do special for this day? This year it falls on Friday which is different for a change. Some churches have a Sweetheart Banquet. Will you be attending one of these? Does your church even have one?

Every year since we have been married I have bought Kelly a Valentines Bear from Wal-Mart. It has the date on the foot so she knows each year. The only problem is she is running out of places to put the bears. We also go out for a nice dinner and not sure where we might go this year. I need to go someplace I can eat healthy as I am eating healthier and so I don't eat much of what I use to eat. Any suggestions?

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