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A Testimony From Me

I want to share a word of testimony with my readers. While I was in the hospital I had the opportunity to share my testimony with someone else. Here I am sitting in a backless robe and feeling pretty uncomfortable. Then someone comes in my room and we are talking and they say to me that they aren't ready to die. Wow, what an opening.

I shared how I was ready when the Lord called me home and how they could be ready too. It was like I was back in the saddle again, in a matter of speaking. I shared with them how they could be sure of a place in Heaven and I shared how I knew I was going to Heaven and that Jesus paid my sin debt so and covered my sins with His blood. It brought joy into my soul that I could share this with them.

I want to challenge you if God opens the opportunity for you to share your testimony I say jump in with both feet. It will bring joy to your soul and give you a new energy.

Please share with me about a time you were able to share your testimony. You can post it on Facebook or write me at I would love to hear from you.

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