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I would like to stop the rumors going around about me. I am not sure who started it but to clear the air I will give you the low down. I have gotten several emails and a couple of phone calls asking about my open heart surgery. I did not have open heart surgery I had a cardiac cat and the doctor put in four stents. I had a blockage of 90% and I an blessed that it had an good outcome as God spared my life.

I want to thank those who didn't pass the rumor and contacted me to find out the truth. I am doing better but I am wearing a life vest with a defibulator on it and will be under observation until I am out of the woods.

God must have something special for me as he spared my life and I am giving Him all the Glory and praise. I do thank those who were concerned and contacted me. Your concern and prayers are greatly appreciated.

If you are wanting more information contact me directly and ask. Please don't share stories if you don't have all the facts. Concerning my medical bills you will need to contact me personally and I ask that you not share anything you do not know the facts about.

Thank you in advance.

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