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It Is Time America Turns Back To God

It is time America turns back to God.  We kicked God out of our schools and we have made a total mess of things when we allow the media to ram shod their liberal views on us.  It is time we think for ourselves and stand up for what is right.  They thought taking God out of the schools was the right thing and now see things are in worse condition.  When you remove God you remove His blessing.

It is time we put God first in everything.  I think it is great that the president is turning to God for help.  I think it is sad we allow the media to run him down for putting God first.   The other day I see the media laughing at our president for praying in the Oval Office.  I for one was proud of him.

Until we put God first we will never see victory.  We as a nation need to call upon God for His help and healing.  If we want to see things change we need to quit all this stuff like putting what God tells us in His Word as the most important thing on our agenda.

Time is running out and we need to make some changes.  We need to dump these people who make a mock of God and get people to disrespect God and His Word.  There are a bunch of fakes out there who say stuff that sounds good but their lives and actions are saying something else.  Dump them and let's get people who respect God and His Word.

Please let me know what you think.  Message me on Facebook or write me at and let me know your viewpoint.

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