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Forgetting The Past

Forgetting the past is very hard to do.  The Bible tells us to forget the past and press on to the things before us.  God isn't telling us to forget our past memories but He is telling us not to live in the past.  We have failures in our past and if we hold on to them we will not be able to make our future better by living in the past.  So we have to put our past failures behind us and push to the future and seek to build a  successful life. Sometimes holding on to the times of success can be a hindrance.

Over the years of my ministry one of the things that held the church back so often was the past.  "We never did it like that before."  "We use to do things this way or that way and we don't want to change."  "We don't want to change because we like it the way we have always done it."  It was a facts that many times they couldn't forget the past and so they didn't want to change.

When I was in Baraboo we had a revival and Dr. James W. Delashmit the Former President of the St Louis Chapter of Hell's Angels came to preach a revival.  On the night he was to preach his testimony "From Dope to Hope" we had 242 in attendance.  We had chairs down the aisles and standing room only.  I was told some left because they couldn't get a seat.  It was a great day in the history of the church.

About a year later I heard one of the members telling a visitor about that day.  They were making an excuse because our attendance was down and so they wanted to tell them about a big day in the past.  We were down because folks had become lazy and quit working to get folks in.  Later that week I told them that I was proud of that big day but we can't live in the past we have to push forward to the future.

I challenge you to do the same thing.

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