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What Is Happening To America?

So what is happening in America? Well to put it bluntly many have turned their backs on God. It appears that a group of people are trying to play God. I am sorry that will not work. God is still on the throne and He is in control. Nobody is going to over power God and His plan.

So what we see is we have a group of people who are trying to force things to go their way and when God sets things in motion they are going to lose. They are blinded by Satan and their own desire to get their own way they will do anything to get it. They will go so far as to do stupid stuff to get their way. If that isn't scary I don't know what is.

If you want to be on the winning side you need to be on God's side because He will win. I read the Bible from cover to cover and it always ends badly for those who go against God. I can tell you they never win.

I want to encourage you to get on God's side so you know you will be on the winning side. We need to trust God and seek His direction and then we will see the results in the end.

My prayers go out to everyone and my hope is if you know not Christ that you will trust Him before it is too late. Just look at the events happening in America and you should be able to see that His hand is on America and we need to listen to Him and follow His direction. Stop fighting His will or we will all regret it.

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