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I Want To Share About My Recent Experience

Nobody that I know like to be in the hospital. I have no memory of being in the hospital until recently. I have been told I was in the hospital when I had my tonsillitis taken out but I have no memory of it. So when I had to stay in the hospital recently after a my cardiac cath I experienced the hospital stay.

They got me all prepared for the procedure and I was taken in this room and put on a flat table. They got me all ready and I thought I was going to be put under but I kept hearing the nurses and doctor talking. While I was waiting for them to start I thought I would quote Psalm 1 in my head. For some reason my memory was black and I couldn't remember it. I heard them talking and it sounded like they we planning what they were going to do. I just wanted them to put me under and start when they stopped talking the doctor came over and told me they were finished. My nurse looked at me and said, "that was bad at all was it". I totally agreed with her but I didn't know they had started.

I told her during the procedure I wasnted to quote Psalm 1 but could remember it. She had one of the other nurses to Google it and they gave me the first few words and I began quoting it out loud. No sure what caused my memory to lapse but the nurse said it was the medication.

Then they brought me back to my room. As soon as I was able I called my Dad. Kelly said she called or messaged my sister and brothers. She also let Paul know. She notified others that she was able to remember.

A few things I remember about the stay is that the TV didn't work, the window heating unit was making noise like a jet plain, and the food was outstanding.

My night was without sleep because I was put in a Life Vest and the alarm kept going off. I had a heart monitor on and this Life Vest and I just couldn't sleep. I also had the heater by the window which I finally had them turn off.

It was a night I don't want to experience again. The staff was super and all my nurses were excellent but the few things I mentioned were a pain. At least I had my phone and I made a few calls and texted a few messages.

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