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Just to bring everyone up-to-date in case you missed my post.  I had four stents but in and two of my arteries were 90% blocked.  It is a miracle that I am here.  I give God all the credit.  It was a wonder I didn't have a heart attack because if I had I wouldn't be here.  I want to thank everyone for their prayers and keep me in your prayers as I recover.

I had an over night stay in the hospital and I don't want to do that over it was really hard for me.  I can say the food was good and the staff was very nice but I really don't want to experience it again.

Thanks to all who sent encouraging words and I read them all and tried to reply.  If I missed you I am sorry.  I mostly replied to those who made comments or sent emails.  I have a long road to recovery but with God's help I can do it.  Will be watching for you emails and comments and I can use the encouragement and you can use the practice.  God bless each one of you.

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