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Being A Pastor

My first church was in Baraboo, Wisconsin and I was excited when God sent me to this small church. It was small and God had a great deal of teaching He wanted me to experience.

I had a great deal to learn and when I got there I fell in love with the people and God began teaching us both some very valuable lessons. The people were great and were willing to grow together. We saw many added to the church through salvation and others by joining the church. It was at Baraboo I had my first baptism and my first funeral. I had my first wedding in the park nearby on a bridge. It was a wonderful learning experience.

Over the almost 16 years I was able to see many come to Christ and see the church grow and most of all the lives of young people turned around. Our young people’s program was boosted by a bus ministry and then later a van ministry.

The church built a new parsonage on the property next to the church and I was able have a big part in that. I remember living in the church basement for a few weeks when the house was being put together. That was a real experience I will never forget.

I was ordained at this church on April 11, 1984 . My Dad was able to be there on this special day. It was so wonderful to see all the folks who came and helped me celebrate that special day.

God is so good; He has been so good to me. Drop me a line at I would appreciate it.


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