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What Makes You Tick?

What is it that makes you tick?  By this I mean what motivates you?  What makes you want to go out and do something?  Do you have a desire to do something great or do you just want to live a life without any real meaning?

When I was a young man I felt God's call to the ministry.  Was that what I really wanted to do in my life?  No, really I wanted to be a police detective but I felt a strong calling of God that He wanted me for the ministry.  I thought it was crazy because I hated getting up in front of people and talking.  Finally I said okay God if you can use me I will do it.  (My Dad had been in the ministry all of my life and it wasn't really what I wanted but I knew if God called I must answer.)

It seemed like a very long trip to get to where God was calling me but I prayed and ask for His guidance and He lead me to where I went.  I have made many mistakes along the path but He has help me with each obstacle along the path.  With God's help I was able to Pastor a church in Baraboo for almost 16 years and I was Pastor in Wood River for almost 8 years.  In between I was able to preach in churches as an interim or fill in.  For a short time I was Pastor of a church in Kane for about 2 1/2 years.  God used each experience to mold me into what He wanted.

I have to say that each experience was a time when I learned new things and experience new things.  I had the opportunity to lead many people to Christ and was able to see many baptized over these years.  I preformed many weddings and I conducted many funerals.  It was always hard to say goodbye to the folks I loved when they went home to Heaven but each saints of God was a blessing for me to have known.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will drop again.  Remember you can write me at at any time and give me your input.

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