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Do You Have Heart Problems?

Do you have heart problems? There are two kinds of heart problems you can have. First you can have problems with you heart in your body. This is a very important organ and it is important that you eat right and you take care of your health because it will affect the condition of your heart. Stress, not eating right and many other issues can affect your heart. I have found this out and I can't fix the damage but I am eating healthier foods and drinking more water and less soda and that includes Dr. Pepper. Don't wait you need to makes sure you are eating healthier foods and exercising and taking care of your heart.

The second kind of heart is your spiritual heart. I think God used the heart because of the importance of that organ. When we say give your heart to Jesus we are talking about your spiritual heart and it is even more important than your physical heart. Your physical heart can give out but if your spiritual heart gives out you are in bad shape. If you die without Christ you are lost for eternity. I gave my spiritual heart to Christ many years ago. I have to tell you I had to be corrected time and time again by the Holy Spirit that I wasn't taking good care of my spiritual heart. I confess sin and get things right with my Lord. I have never been a perfect person but I am a forgiven sinner that is saved by the grace of God. I hope you have given your heart to Jesus and I hope you take care of your two hearts.

Please drop me a line at and share your thought with me. I ask that you pray for me as I know only God can heal the physical heart. My spiritual heart is in tune with Him but my physical heart needs his healing hand. So I ask that you pray for God's healing hand on my life and heart.

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